Trisha has been exploring relationships between the self and space since 1979. She started hosting dinner parties at a "ripe old" age of 5; and since then, Trisha has focused on cultivating both inner and outer beauty, funneling her skills into uniting mind and body through yoga and other wellness disciplines.

Trisha's passions include skin care (she is a licensed and practicing esthetician), cooking, and creative endeavors, as well as developing healthy spaces through decorating, hosting, and sewing. Trisha grew up in Florida but has since traveled throughout the Americas and Europe, learning the eccentricities of each new town she haunts, and folding them into her work. Trisha has owned and operated Trisha Leslie Skincare in Austin, Texas since 2005, and she specializes in corrective skincare. Trisha is also a dedicated yoga student and teacher, and she is excited to synthesize her skills in her skincare business with mindfulness, philanthropy and travel.