Shannon caught the travel bug from family holidays while she was growing up in the U.K. This led to her traveling and working abroad for 4 years. Some of her adventures include skiing snowy mountains in Switzerland, sailing the Aegean sea in Greece, and traveling all around America. Before joining the FTS team, she worked for an airline which helped her further her travels even more - taking her to several new places and introducing her to Africa.

After years of traveling all around the world, no place had grabbed Shannon's attention and fascination as much as Africa. "You just don’t find such exceptionally beautiful scenery, diverse cultures, or wildlife anywhere else in the world. Africa is just so special", she says effervescently. Shannon just loves spending time exploring the rich and varied cultures across the continent. Shortly after she visited South Africa for the first time, it was a very easy decision for her to pack her bags and move there. The high-spirited people of Cape Town and the buzzing city life, surrounded by unlimited outdoor activities made it the perfect platform to continue her African obsession. Next on Shannon's To-Do list is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!
Shannon is also deeply passionate about philanthropy - regularly visiting local schools, orphanages, and raising and collecting resources for local charities.