Namibia is a country of startling contrasts – not just because of its astounding natural wonders, but also for its widely differing people. Seeing a Herero woman dressed top to toe in Victorian clothes walking past a nomadic Himba women covered in glowing ochre but wearing only a loin cloth is almost too much of a contrast to comprehend. This is a real scenario, and just one aspect of Namibia that will blow your mind.

Another thing you’ll take away from Namibia is a relationship with sand! The country straddles two great deserts – the Namib in the west and the Kalahari in the east. And it doesn’t matter where you go in Namibia...sand creeps into your luggage to remind you where you’ve been! You might as well discard your shoes to climb up the tallest sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei. This landscape, with its indescribable beauty, has been the muse for many an artist and poet. It's simply awe-inspiring to witness the semi-precious crystals that make up this desert sand change color from burnt orange to bruising purple.

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s famed game reserve with waterholes that attract considerable game in this semi-arid environment. The scenery is nothing like you’ve ever seen before; and your photographs will look surreal – almost like paintings. This also applies to views from a fly-in safari to the Skeleton Coast, where sea-mist gives an eerie quality to pictures of shipwrecks littering the coastline.