The French-Creole cultural mix of Mauritius, combined with sun, sand, warm sea and a huge choice of beach resorts, make this Indian Ocean island a hugely popular vacation and honeymoon destination.

Mauritius has a perfect climate and with the sea a delicious 27°C in summer (Nov-Apr), dropping to a very pleasant 22°C in winter (June-Aug), water sports of all descriptions are a feature of the resorts.

But there’s more to Mauritius than beaches; and a visit to Port Louis Market reveals a glimpse of local life. Here, food and goods are bartered and you can pick up souvenirs like spices, sarongs and baskets.

Mauritius lost its last Dodo in c. 1680, but has more recently had some extraordinary conservation successes with birds saved from the very edge of extinction. These include the Mauritius Kestrel, Pink Pigeon, and Echo Parakeet. You could be lucky enough to see them in the Black River Gorges National Park, which is the largest patch of native forest left on Mauritius.

Seychelles' Popular Attractions: Victoria, La Digue, Valeé de Mai, Praslin, Curieuse Island, Mahe Botanical Garden, Scuba Diving.

For a laid-back, barefoot, beach vacation, it's Seychelles calling. It’s just the kind of place that would make a great honeymoon...Prince William certainly thought so and whisked Kate off to glamorous North Island for theirs.

Most of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles archipelago are uninhabited. But those that have human residents, offer sensational beach resorts in surroundings that embody most people’s idea of the Garden of Eden.

Perfect equatorial weather, averaging around 86°F, soft sandy beaches lapped by the warm Indian Ocean, and discreet hideaways tucked between granite boulders backed by coconut palms epitomize the Seychelles experience.