For our curated photographic safaris + unique meditation trips, Fair Trade Safaris partners with Guillaume Gauthereau of The Sanctuary, a community and place in Callicoon NY that promotes health, wellness, love, and sharing. Guillaume is an instructor of Reiki and Meditation; but he has been - and is - much more than a mindfulness practitioner and a teacher on a mission to help others discover their own passions and happiness...Guillaume is a Healer.

Guillaume began his adult life journey by pursuing veterinary science - he holds a PhD from the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Maisons-Alfort, Paris. More recently, however, he has been a business leader, serial entrepreneur, and a socially-conscious activist. Guillaume was the CEO and co-founder of Totsy, where he successfully raised over $45M in financing, built a team of over 100 people, and became the 2nd largest US private sale website dedicated to moms and kids.  Prior to Totsy, Guillaume worked in several executive roles for luxury and retail brands (LVMH, Nestle, Colgate), including the distinction of being the youngest CEO for an international luxury retail company (Lalique). Guillaume is a partner in Jacqueline & Jerome, a line of super fresh vinaigrette, the founder of New York Bee Sanctuary, and the Chairman of Sequoia Lab, where he advises companies with sustainable and socially responsible interests on growth and brand strategies. He also serves on numerous boards including Grameen Bank America, Friends of UNFPA, Slow Money NYC, Foodstand, NRDC NY Council, e2 Environmental Entrepreneurs, BrickHouse Security, GustOrganics, and Ayoka Productions.

During his recent transformative journey across Asia, Guillaume had the rare opportunity to study, pray and meditate with master healers and teachers of all faiths.  He was trained in Sufi Healing Massage under a Sufi Master, and in Reiki under a Hindu Reiki master from the holy city of Dharamsala. He practiced 10 days of silent Vipassana meditation in Bodhgaya, the city where the Buddha reached enlightenment.  In Nepal, a Tibetan Healing Master instructed Guillaume in the power of Tibetan Healing Bowls (Tibetan Singing Bowls).

With the discovery and acceptance of his role in healing and in helping individuals reconnect with their inner balance, he now aims to provide transformative services to everyone through The Sanctuary.