Gabi is truly a global citizen - she was born and raised in Germany, she become an American citizen after 35 years of living in the US, and she now spends at least 50% of her time in Tanzania!

Whether it be in the closest and most familiar places or to the most remote foreign lands, Gabi's travels have allowed her to witness and record amazing grace and well as some hardships. Throughout her journeys, she attempts to discover new ideas, experience unique cultures, challenge preconceptions, and learn from diverse beliefs and opinions.

Her first journey to Tanzania started with a dream to explore, and a promise that she had made to her late husband, Kenton. Before he had passed away in 2012, Kenton and Gabi had planned to complete the climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, they were not able to make this trek together. So, on December 31 2012, Gabi reached the summit of Mt. Kili, where she spread Kenton Brown's ashes on Uhuru Peak. Since that day, Mt. Kilimanjaro has held a very, very special place in Gabi's heart. In Gabi's own words: "Kilimanjaro is a place of adventure, of freedom, of strength, and of beauty; a place where everything is removed and one comes to know oneself without any masks or pretenses...a real opportunity to evaluate one's character and resilience."

After working in corporate America for over 35 years, Gabi has dedicated her life to traveling, while helping others discover themselves in exciting adventures and new surroundings.  She is fluent in English and German, with basic command of Spanish and Swahili. She is also an avid Photographer who photographs wildlife, nature, people, and events. Working in both color and black and white, Gabi's style is modern and distinctive with a timeless and classical edge.

When not traveling, you might find Gabi in Austin Texas dancing Tango or making Collage Art.