For the longest time, a trip to Africa - particularly a LUXURY safari - was exorbitantly expensive and beyond many people's financial means. So, before starting Fair Trade Safaris, our founders noticed that there are almost no options that allowed travelers (and aspiring travelers) to combine luxury and affordability in their trips to Africa. Most travelers would have to compromise one to accommodate the other words, give up luxury to be within a budget, or pay an insane amount of money to experience all the luxurious comforts.

Here is the is very much possible to travel to Africa in luxury, and to experience those "National Geographic" moments without paying an inordinate amount of money. And Fair Trade Safaris is the undisputed leader in LUXURIOUS, SAFE, and AFFORDABLE travels.

Fair Trade Safaris' travel packages fall into two categories: Private Trips that are customized and tailor-made based on our guests' desired travel dates, budgets, experiences, and other requirements & preferences; and Small Group Trips that consist of 12 to 14 guests who share their experiences while on a pre-determined itinerary and set dates, and also enjoy the benefits of discounted pricing.

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