To date, Fair Trade Safaris' Travelanthropy efforts have generated over $250,000 for our Conservation and Philanthropy partners. Our goal is to more than double that amount by the end of 2018!

Wildlife Conservation and Animal Habitat Protection are central to Fair Trade Safaris' philosophy and mission. By the same token, Community Development and Poverty Alleviation - both in Africa and also in the U.S. - are inherent to our business model and impact goals.

It is no secret that the wildlife in Africa is under tremendous pressure; and entire species are alarmingly at the brink of extinction. So, Fair Trade Safaris collaborates with several conservation / anti-poaching organizations including WildAid, PAMS Foundation, and other similar groups in order to combat wildlife poaching and trafficking, and to promote conservation and protection efforts.

On the Community Development front, we partner with a whole range of organizations - including large established groups such as SOS Children's Village, Rotary International, and Goodwill of Central Texas, as well as smaller (but extremely impactful) initiatives such as Uthando (South Africa), Baphumelele Children's Home (Cape Town, South Africa) E3 Alliance (Austin, Texas), Interfaith Action of Central Texas (Texas), Andy Roddick Foundation (Austin, Texas), and others.

We also support the arts within our local community in Central Texas through ongoing financial and other forms of support to the Paramount & State Theaters in Austin, Texas.

Simply by visiting Africa with Fair Trade Safaris, you - i.e. our guests - can and will make a TREMENDOUS contribution to conserving our wildlife and to improving our communities in Africa and in the U.S.