Fair Trade Safaris is a unique tour and travel operator. We arrange luxurious trips to Africa at affordable rates…and we donate 100% of our net profits to wildlife conservation, poverty alleviation, and community development projects here in the U.S. and in Africa.

Whether it’s a wildlife photographic safari, or a Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing expedition, or a fully customized travel package, our guests’ safety and wellbeing are top priorities. We only arrange trips to destinations that we have personally experienced with our own families.

We operate in the most spectacular, upscale, and tourist-friendly countries in Africa - including Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia (Victoria Falls), and Kenya.

And for a limited time, we have specials offers on our luxury travel packages, but with highly discounted pricing:

10-Day Adventure in Tanzania: starting at $4,985 per person (including airfare)*

In this ultimate Tanzanian adventure, you will experience the MOST EXHILARATING wildlife sightings in the world's BEST wildlife parks and reserves - Serengeti National Park (including the Great Wildebeest Migration) and Ngorongoro Crater (often called "The Garden of Eden"). You will also interact with local tribes - particularly the Maasai warriors and livestock herders that live in traditional villages in and around the wildlife reserves. Finally, you will enjoy the white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters of Zanzibar (the "Spice Island") and savor the local cuisine and culture.

10-Day Southern Africa Highlights: starting at $4,985 per person (including airfare)*

You will start this trip with a photographic safari in South Africa's Kruger National Park, or one of the private reserves near Kruger. Here you will have amazing sightings of the Big 5 animal species - Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, and Cape Buffaloes - as well as encounters with other stunning wildlife in their natural environment. Then, we will take you to the beautiful and culture-rich city of Cape Town as well as the delicious South African wine country. Finally, to cap off this Journey of a Lifetime, we will whisk you away to view one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World - Victoria Falls!

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Expeditions: starting at $1,985 per person*

Is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro part of your bucket list? Well, it's time to check that one off. This particular offer for ClubCorp members is for an expedition to the top of the "Roof of Africa" via the Marangu Route - one of the most popular route and with the least degree of difficulty. Our climbs are led by local guides who are fully certified and thoroughly trained. They have years of experience in the routes and areas that we trek. For our part, we ensure that everyone in our staff is provided with fair wages, sufficient food, gear & resources, and fully trained in order to ensure your safety & wellbeing. As with all the travel packages that we offer at Fair Trade Safaris, our guides and other climbing staff are passionate about delivering the highest levels of service. For these (and other) reasons, our Mt. Kilimanjaro trekkers enjoy some of the highest summit rates in the industry!

Prices and availability are subject to change. Quoted prices are based on travel between April 1 and May 20, 2017 for a minimum group size of 4 (four) adults. Accommodations are in luxury (4-star & 4.5-star) hotels, lodges, and camps. Flights are economy class fares departing from New York area airports.