Carrie Hampton, Safari Travel Journalist

  • 200+ safari lodges visited? Check! (Carrie has probably visited more African safari lodges that anyone else in the world.)
  • Written picture books and coffee table books covering ALL the safari destinations in Africa? Accomplished!
  • Kissed Nelson Mandela? Done that! (Read her bio below for more details...)

Carrie Hampton is Fair Trade Safaris' in-house travel writer and one of our most valued and valuable safari experts. Carrie has dedicated most of her travel writing to everything safari - including hundreds of travel articles, websites and safari lodge reviews, as well as two beautiful picture books covering all the safari destinations of Southern Africa and East Africa. This has meant that she has possibly been to more safari lodges in Africa than anyone else in the world – she lost count at 200! Carrie retains her dry English humour and also goes by the name ‘Safari Tart’, for having been to so many safari lodges! She is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Carrie came to South Africa on one of her world trips 20 years ago and never left! After searching for her place in the world she found it in Cape Town. “It wasn’t just the immense natural beauty that moved me, I felt a soul connection here that I’ve since realised is not unusual.” In the coffee table book she wrote with stories from the mountains and oceans entitled, ‘Table Mountain To Cape Point’, Carrie’s research led her to believe that the spiritual energy emitted from Table Mountain is behind her feeling of “having arrived”!

Since she adopted Africa as her home, Carrie felt she had to give something back and has done so by supporting a township crèche, raising funds for equipment, and building a jungle gym. She also helped raise money for a poor school to build a new classroom and in doing so met Nelson Mandela when he came to give his support. She received a hug from him, and figuring it was "now or never", she whispered in his ear: “Give us a kiss.” And he did! She got a big smacker on the lips and they were both photographed afterwards with a huge grin! Carrie has also met Desmond Tutu who wrote the foreword for her Table Mountain book and was so excited to present him with a copy of the book that she had the camera on manual focus and got a very fuzzy “Carrie and Tutu” photo.

Visiting a village in Namibia - Carrie Hampton.JPG