Right upfront, let's make one thing clear...Fair Trade Safaris does not disapprove of all forms of hunting. Clearly, for some communities, hunting is a means of survival. Several indigenous African tribes hunt animals for food and for other items that they need - without jeopardizing the survival of the species being hunted. And we do not have an issue with that kind of hunting.

What Fair Trade Safaris vehemently opposes is trophy-hunting - particularly when the wildlife species being killed is endangered and/or vulnerable. Putting the moral arguments aside, hunting vulnerable and endangered species is simply short-sighted and self-destructive. Humans need the full diversity of flora and fauna in order to exist; and extinction of a species has consequences that are detrimental to our own survival and well-being.

So, we leverage our Travelanthropy programs and partnerships to support wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and environmental protection efforts throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.