What is Travelanthropy?

Travelanthropy is the ethos around which Fair Trade Safaris bases its entire foundation. It’s Philanthropy through travel. The way Fair Trade Safaris is addressing this is by giving 100% of its profit to NGO’s and worthy Projects.

Yes, you read it right…100% of profits!

Enter Saurabh Khetrapal…a successful American businessman, originally from Tanzania, who wants to give something back to the less fortunate in the continent that he loves. He has tasted success, has been an ‘angel investor’ helping other entrepreneurs succeed, and has been a prolific philanthropist who understands the altruistic joys of giving back.

Saurabh Khetrapal

Saurabh is deeply passionate about his homeland and its peoples, and is a self-professed wildlife junkie and African bush addict. Fair Trade Safaris is his way of offering you the best African safari vacation of your life, while returning all the profits back to the communities and/or the wildlife of the countries visited.

Travelanthropy vs Volunteer Travel (a.k.a. Voluntourism)

When traveling with Fair Trade Safaris, you get to choose where our profits go – from a list of fully vetted projects and organizations. But, this is not Volunteer Travel or Volunteer Tourism (often called “Voluntourism”). We arrange a half-day or full-day visit to a community project, orphanage or animal rehabilitation centre; but you do not need to work or spend several days or weeks volunteering. With us, you are on a luxury safari and not on a volunteer-travel program. Fair Trade Safaris’ financial contribution to the impact projects that we have partnered with combined with your willingness to spend a few hours with these organizations are our way of helping them.

Saurabh Khetrapal

The travelanthropy projects that we support fall into one of the following 6 categories:

  1. Basic Human Needs
  2. Women & Children Development
  3. Adult Development – job skills & entrepreneurship
  4. Healthcare and Disease Prevention
  5. Wildlife & Environment
  6. Arts & Culture

Has there ever been a better win-win situation?

  • You go on an amazing African vacation
  • You experience some truly heart-warming projects
  • You give back in a meaningful way
  • Fair Trade Safaris supports jobs, tourism businesses and donates 100% of its profits
  • We Do Good and we Feel Good!

What kind of projects are you passionate about supporting?