Ali can be described as an entrepreneur, business and community leader, CEO, traveler, adventurer, humanitarian, photographer, and photo-philanthropist. He has that rare energy and love for life, and his passion for his career, family life, photography and traveling is palpable. In 1990, Ali founded Encotech Engineering Consultants, a leading engineering firm based in Austin, Texas. Parallel to his dedication to his business venture, he documents his experiences and interests through photography during his travels.

Nahid, Ali's wife, is the President of Accurate CAD & Technical Services. In addition to running a successful business, Nahid is engaged with numerous non-profit organizations in the Greater Austin community, holding a variety of board positions. Nahid has a big heart and loves to serve others. She will welcome you with a big smile and is always willing to help in any way that she can.

Ali believes that a camera is an excuse to delve deeper into a place that we otherwise would not see. Looking for a good shot forces him to seek out the unique features and scenic beauty of a location, to explore further, and to interact with his surroundings. He says “When you press the shutter release, you’re making a personal connection to the place and its people. My lifelong passion is to strive for originality and excellence, which is a continuous effort!”

Ali is an avid adventurer, world traveler and his greatest desire is to help others and use art as a vehicle for change. This goal inspired him to explore Photo-Philanthropy. His art reflects the socioeconomic and conservation issues of the countries he visits. Images have an undeniable power, and he wants to harness that power and channel it into a nonprofit platform for bettering the living conditions of poverty-stricken communities worldwide. He regularly donates his photographs to auctions supporting local charities and his photography website is based on the concept of encouraging charitable contributions. All proceeds from his photography are given to organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

When he is not overseeing his company or behind the lens of his camera, Ali can be found at a board meeting from one of the various boards he is part of. Whether creating economic development through the Austin Chamber of Commerce or attending Mayor Adler’s task force on Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequities, Ali enjoys serving his community and making it a better place to work and live.

Ali & Nahid both enjoy traveling and experiencing various cultures which opens up the lens to capture a wide range of views, sights and experiences. They love traveling the US countryside but their passport will also reflect stamps from their international experiences. After visiting Tanzania and Zanzibar in 2012, Ali and Nahid both developed an addiction and passion for touring and discovering various countries in Africa every year.

Proud residents of Austin for more than 30 years, Ali, Nahid, and their two children, Zain & Salva, are dedicated to making their community a strong, sustainable, family-oriented place.