Fair Trade Safaris combines leisure travel with philanthropy to create fully immersive experiences. Our mission is to benefit the local communities, the wildlife, and the environment in Africa through tourism.

Fair Trade Safaris founders Saurabh Khetrapal - who is originally from East Africa (Tanzania & Kenya) - and his wife Dr. Kavita Gajjar have created the ONLY luxury travel company that donates 100% of its profits to a variety of fully-vetted wildlife conservation, community development, and other impact projects. 

We are NOT an organization that arranges volunteer travel (also known as "voluntourism"). At our core, we are an African safari operator and leisure travel outfit with a keen focus on providing our guests with extraordinary experiences - breathtaking wildlife safaris, stunning beach vacations, exhilarating mountain climbing expeditions, sublime culinary experiences, and even relaxing meditation and mindfulness retreats. 

And we do all this while still offering highly competitive pricing to our guests.

Fair Trade Safaris delivers luxury travel that does good and feels great!